Wari accounts:

  • What is Wari to Wari?

    The Wari to Wari account is similar to a cash to cash account. It is a transaction carried out between one Wari account and another Wari account.

    How do I use a Wari to Wari account?

    You need a Wari account with an identifier and a password to enable you to access it and to carry out transactions via www.mywari.com.


  • What is the Wari Pass app?

    It is a downloadable Wari app that enables you to register and store one or several means of payment (bank card, bank account, wallet). Each means of payment is extended to include Wari Secure.

    As a result Wari Secure can be used in total security at any Wari point, via the Wari call center, via internet or via your mobile phone. This means you can pay for any transaction via Wari instead of another means of payment (card, account, wallet).

  • How can I use the Wari Pass services?

    You need to have a voucher for a set amount, you can then go to www.mywari.com and enter the voucher code in order to make a purchase or carry out a transaction.

  • What is the Wari Me service?

    This is a service that enables customer X (the person making the request) to ask customer Y (the payer) to pay for a Wari service on their behalf.

  • How can I use the Wari Me service?

    You need to complete the form for the service you wish to request (money transfer, phone credit purchase, invoice payment, gift or purchase voucher, etc), then customer Y (the payer) will receive a text message or an email containing a link to the MyWari website in order to carry out the transaction.

  • What is a Wari Ambassador?

    This is a sponsorship system through which two people, the sponsor and the person being sponsored (the Warior) undertake to provide one another with mutual moral support and assistance in order to follow the rules to become a part of the Wari community.

  • What are the advantages of being a Wari Ambassador?

    A Wari Ambassador earns points each time a Warior they have sponsored carries out a transaction and they benefit from a reduced price for Wari services.

    How can I become a Wari Ambassador?

    You need to sponsor as many people as possible within Wari.

Telephone recharging:

  • Where can I top-up my mobile phone with Wari?

    You can reload your mobile phone airtime via Wari wherever you see the "Wari Available Here" sticker, this means over 500,000 Wari sales outlets throughout the world or directly on the www.mywari.com website.

  • Is it more expensive to reload airtime via Wari?

    Reloading airtime via MyWari is less expensive, because you receive a money bonus in cash or on your virtual Wari Wallet account, whatever the amount of your recharge.

  • Can I top up my phone credit via MyWari whatever my operator?

    Wari allows you to buy airtime to credit your phone regardless of your telephone operator. Your operator and Wari need to be partners in your country.

  • What are the advantages of buying phone airtime via MyWari?

    Buying phone airtime via MyWari offers several benefits:

    - The recharge actually costs you less because of the bonus you'll receive.

    - You have the advantage of a vast local Wari network.

    - You lose less time because you no longer need to scratch a card to recharge your phone.

    - And you are being environmentally-friendly.

  • Is the MyWari phone top-up service available everywhere?

    As of today, Wari offers you the possibility of topping-up your phone with all GSM operators according to the country. However, we are working hard to ensure that the service will soon be available internationally.

Money transfer:

  • What should I do if the beneficiary has trouble collecting the money?

    Verify that the beneficiary has received the correct transaction number.

    Verify that the beneficiary has a valid form of identification and that the contact details of the ID correspond.

    Contact our customer service department for further information on 00221 33 829 29 29.

  • What exchange rate do you use?

    The exchange rates are automatically integrated into the system. However, for transfers to certain countries, the exact amount is calculated using an exchange rate applicable at the time the money is received.

  • Is there a limit to an amount that can be sent online?

    The maximum amount allowed for online service payments is: 1 million F CFA per day with the Wari card.

  • Can I send money in different currencies?

    Yes, this is possible.

Paying bills:

  • What are the conditions for paying my bills via MyWari?

    The bill payment service via MyWari is valid for all non-overdue invoices (water - electricity - education - etc.) according to the partnerships valid in the country concerned.

  • In which countries is the bill payment service available?

    The bill payment service via Wari is currently available through our partners SENELEC and SDE in Senegal, SODECI, CIE and ONEA in Côte D’Ivoire, CEET in Togo, and Wari will soon have even more partners world-wide.

  • What are the advantages of paying bills via MyWari?

    Wari offers the most accessible cost currently available.

    In other words by choosing to pay your bills using MyWari, you are choosing to pay easily, immediately and inexpensively. You no longer risk the inconvenience of having a subscription interrupted because you didn't have the time to pay, and you avoid all those irritating queues.

  • What are the conditions for renewing a TV subscription via MyWari?

    Renewing your TV subscription via MyWari couldn't be simpler:

    You need to already have a current TV subscription with a TV operator that is a Wari partner, in the country concerned, and know your usual TV package.

  • Where can I find the table showing the bonuses applied by Wari?

    The bonuses offered for recharging your phone are listed on the MyWari platform and in all the Wari sales points.

Wari Multiservice Card

  • What is a prepaid bank card?

    This is a bank card that is not linked to any bank account. It is an e-wallet that needs to be topped-up before use.

  • What is an e-wallet?

    The e-wallet is a means of payment. This can take the form of a card. It is topped-up in units that correspond to the amount that you have paid as a counterpart.  It can also take the form of an app on your mobile phone. It is a simple way to pay for your purchases and avoids the need for cash. You cannot spend more than the credit balance on the card.

  • Is the Wari Multiservice Card a prepaid bank card?

    Yes, it is a prepaid bank card issued by UBA (United Bank of Africa) and distributed by Wari.

  • What is the Wari Multiservice Card?

    The Wari Multiservice Card is a multiservice means of payment with zero commitment and zero hassle, easy to use and available wherever and whenever.

    It enables a third-party to withdraw cash, to top-up up the credit available, to make internet purchases and gives access to the complete range of services provided by Wari.

  • What is the PASSCODE?

    It is a four figure code that gives internet access to the electronic interface linked to your card.

  • What is an OTP?

    The OTP is a One Time Password, in other words a password that can only be used once for one session or one transaction. The OTP reinforces the security of your card and avoids the risks sometimes associated with static passwords that may be vulnerable to an attack or a refusal. This means that if a potential intruder succeeds in obtaining access to an OTP that has already been used to connect to a service or to carry out an operation, it is of no use to them; they cannot use it as it is no longer valid. The other advantage is that the OTPs are generated by automated technology and there is no need to remember them as they are automatically generated and can only be used once.

  • What is a customer number?

    The customer number is the unique number shown on the back of your Wari Multiservice Card that identifies the bearer of the card.

  • Who can have a Wari Multiservice Card?

    It is a card intended for use by anyone! It is available at the most accessible cost on the market today so everyone can have one.

    - Household

    - Traders (wholesalers and retailers)

    - Pensioners

    - Students

    - People shopping online

    - Large companies, law firms, consultants, organizations... businesses with staff that work away on assignment, etc.

  • What are the services that are available via the card and what will I be able to use the Wari Multiservice Card for?

    The Wari Multiservice Card enables you to:

    - Make withdrawals and reloads

    - Buy online on partner websites

    - Have access to the complete range of Wari products and services (to pay bills, top-up your mobile phone, transfer money)

    - Benefit from Remote Assistance Service

    - Check your balance by SMS (after topping-up or spending)

    - View balance at ATM level

    - View the balance on the Internet

    - Manage missions and other business trips

    - Paying wages

    - Pay bonuses or commissions (insurance, distributors, intermediaries, retailers, etc.)

    - Pay for your children's education abroad

    - Make Gift Cards

  • How do I top-up my card?

    Activating your Wari Multiservice Card is simple and is carried out in a Wari point, before you use the card for the first time.

    In the sales point you can top-up your card by making a payment to the recharge account (payment slip).

    When sales outlets are closed, you can top-up your Wari card by a card-to-card payment.

  • Where can I get a Wari Multiservice Card?

    All the Wari service points and other approved distributors.

    Where can I use a Wari Multiservice Card?

    The Wari card can be used for any transaction with our partner businesses: restaurants, online shopping with our partner websites, purchases in shops and stores, paying bills, to top up your mobile phone airtime, to transfer money. Wherever you see the "Wari Card Accepted Here" sticker.

    * Complete list of Wari partners on www.wari.com

  • What is my limit for withdrawing cash and how much can I withdraw per day in an ATM/UBA cash machine using my card?

    Given the settings that apply to ATM/UBA cash machine cards, it is recommended to withdraw money in several smaller transactions

    Currently you can withdraw 250,000 F CFA * 2 = 500,000 F CFA

  • What documents do I need to produce to obtain a Wari card?

    The Wari Multiservice Card is very easy to obtain, you need to produce virtually no papers, other than a copy of your identity card. Then you need to complete the subscription form that is in the packaging with the card when you buy it.

  • Is there a monthly charge to pay?

    No. There are no monthly charges to pay.

  • My Wari Multiservice Card is about to expire. What do I need to do?

    You simply need to buy a new card when the old one expires. The card is immediately ready-to-use. You will receive a text message one month before your card expires, informing you of the end of validity.

     Should your card be lost or stolen or if you have any other problem with your card, immediately contact the Wari call center on +221 33 829 29 29 or send an email to customercare@remove-this.wari.com

    Particularly in the event of it being stolen:

    Immediately call the Wari or UBA Senegal customer service department to block the card:

    A number is indicated on the back of the card to deactivate it.

    The balance on your stolen card can then be transferred to a new card.


  • What games are available on MyWari?

    You can play the lottery and PMU via MyWari.

  • Do I have to pay any fees in order to play?

    There is a commission to pay that is automatically added when you play.

  • Can I play online in any country?

    Online games are only available in certain countries such as Senegal and Guinea.

  • What happens if I win?

    You will need to go to head office of the gaming company concerned to receive your winnings.

    *subject to all games platforms being included country by country

Wari Shop

  • What is the Wari Shop?

    The Wari Shop is a sales channel that enables customers to view the list of products or services offered, to make their choice and to pay online for delivery at their home address.

  • What can be ordered via the Wari Shop?

    We offer a wide range of different product categories in the Wari Shop:

    Womenswear (footwear, bags, trousers, watches)

    Menswear (footwear, bags, watches)

    Telephones (smartphones, tablets, accessories for mobile phones)

    IT (laptop, printer, hard disc, accessories)

    Office supplies and equipment

    Home and garden (kitchen, sitting room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc)

    TV, Audio, Image (TV, audio, accessories, etc)

    Beauty, Hygiene, Health (perfume, make-up, skincare, hair and hairstyling, personal hygiene, etc), Infants and children (clothes, hygiene, etc)

    Cars (accessories), Sport, Games, Food etc.

  • How do I order via the website?

    To place an order you will need to follow several steps:

    The basket: select the items you wish to order

    Account creation and authentication: register your contact details

    Choose a delivery point and delivery service: decide where you wish your order to be delivered

    Final order summary: order confirmation

  • Can I order when I am abroad?

    You can place an order from any of the countries where Wari is present and have your items delivered to your home address or to the country where you are at that particular time.

  • What are the delivery times?

    Our delivery times vary according to the country where you choose to receive your order. However, we guarantee a fast, efficient and secure delivery.

  • What are the shipping costs?

    The cost of shipping varies according to the delivery area. The shipping costs are indicated when your order is validated.